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Flex Inject Sealant Advanced & Total

Flex Inject Sealant Advanced (#985) uses the latest in sealant technology with triple organosilanes that fix holes up to .012 inches (300 microns) in diameter. The patent pending hose is 16 inches in length with a push button injection method on the red valve high side and a misting orifice to ensure no liquid slugging on the blue valve low side. Each hose is filled with .3 ounces of highly concentrated sealant that injects in seconds. No run-time is required once injected and every component is recyclable. 

Flex Inject Sealant Total (#995) has all the great benefits of Advanced and includes UV dye. DiversiTech recommends using its UV light (#89DC) or multi-functional Patriot Light (#111110).

Product Family Description

Flex Inject Sealant Advanced & Total are the fastest, most effective proven way to permanently seal and prevent minor air conditioning and refrigeration (AC/R) leaks. With no tools or gauges required, the Flex Inject sealant works by traveling through the system with the oil and refrigerant fixing leaks immediately. Flex Inject works with all compressors, heat pumps, condensers, and other system components and it will not plug up manifold gauges, metering devices, thermostatic expansion valves (TXVs), pistons or cause cap tube blockages. It meets the ASHRAE ARI 700 refrigerant standard and is compatible with any refrigerant including R-410A with no pump downs or recoveries required. Flex Inject is suitable for use in aluminum and copper coils and is microchannel friendly.